A Final Update

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It's never easy to say this or even do. Cassidy and I have discussed what to do with Starlight through this month and please, believe us when we say that this was a very hard decision to make in the end. When the hiatus first started, it was done because we just really needed a break while both of us dealt with real life issues. But then, when real life became too much, neither of us had the energy to even think about going back to the responsibilities of admin work. So with that said, as this post goes up, Starlight is officially over.

I'm very sure Cass has her own issues to deal with, but for me, busy work when I'm at home isn't what I need right now - updating, making graphics, thinking of weekly and monthly games isn't easy. And I'd be lying if I said that the pandemic happening right on our first year didn't majorly hurt our performance as admins. I've mentioned this 6567756 times before, but I'm a nurse, and that's one of the worst jobs to have during a major worldwide health emergency: 4 to 5 months after our tcg started, I was already exhausted and finding little time to dedicate myself to fun things instead of either my job or being a tcg owner.

We tried discussing things to make the work easier, what to change and implement based on all the good things you guys gave us through the feedback survey we gathered a few months back. But in the end, we either couldn't really make it work: it's a shame really, but maybe when we're able to code a bit better and make things more automated we'll be able to bring Starlight back again. That also applies to our other tcg, Sakura, after all. We rely heavily on the original mytcg, and we're both no coding wizards to be completely honest.

Thank you so so much for being here, for joining, for playing our game and dedicating your time to our tcg. It was shortlived, but we cherish each and every single one of you for giving us the chance. Thank you to everyone who staffed for us, to our deck makers - they all worked very hard to keep on filling up that upcoming list when we were both too short on time to do it ourselves. I hope we can all talk to each other again soon! We're both still tcg players during our free time, so I'm sure we'll see each other around.

Thank you, and may 2021 be a lot kinder to all of us and bring us peace and an end to this mess we're living in right now.

hiatus start!

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Hello again!! I'm just dropping in (albeit, late as usual) to say that as of yesterday, Starlight is officially on hiatus now! I was going to post this only after I had finished responding to everything on the forums but there's more to do than I thought so it'll take me a bit to work through them all, especially the fan clubs (which is no one's fault but my own since I let them pile up so long 😭). I haven't really checked the other forums or threads yet but I will get to them all as soon as I'm able to!

From now until January, I can't guarantee that anything posted on the forums will be responded to or made (but they may also be!) as it depends on whether the staff have time to or even want to at all! Whatever their decision is, please respect them for it! Should we return in January then I will contact everyone I can to double check if they're still interested in keeping their position(s), assuming everything stays as is because yasu and I have been discussing some potential changes that we might roll out if we come back from the hiatus.

Like mentioned in the last update though, feel free to keep playing the TCG like normal if you'd like! To know what is good to play in terms of games and all that other stuff, please refer to THIS UPDATE for more information. Updates will still be expiring as normal so please be mindful of that if you're taking this hiatus time to catch up on those! Trading Hut is also still weekly with all limits in place, should anyone want to keep using that too.

We hope you're all doing well and that the upcoming holidays, as well as the rest of the year, treat you well! Please stay as happy and healthy as possible, and feel free to keep in contact with us in any way you'd like!! Maybe also stay tuned to our Twitter to see if we post any freebies or something around Christmas? Who knows!

We'll see you all officially in the new year but before that, we want to thank you all one more time for all the love and support you've given us and Starlight!! ❤️❤️❤️

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