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Stop by here when you first join the TCG and/or forums!
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Forum Rules

Post by Cassidy » Tue Nov 13, 2018 10:40 am

Please read these all before signing up for our forums! They're all pretty commonly known rules but it never hurts to repeat them!
  • Use the same name you signed up for the TCG with as your forum username. While accounts are self-approved, I will check whenever a new account signs up to make sure that the username matches the name of one of our players listed on the Members List! If you don't, just contact me and I'll change it for you.
  • Be respectful and polite to other members of this forum and TCG, players and staff alike! You do not have to like every member or staff but you do need to act civil enough. Let's all try to get along (to some degree) to make this TCG a nice experience!
  • No excessive spamming or bumping posts. If you make an error or mistake in a post, please feel free to edit it instead of making a new post! The only time we would not allow edits to an already made post is if it were already responded to or was something like Donation Claims that were already approved (and that would only be because we might not see the edits to your original post and would therefor end up ignoring whatever you edited).
  • Be patient and understanding with staff. If things ever take a while before they are responded to, it's most likely because we are busy and haven't gotten to it yet as there are other things we need or like to do aside from TCGs! However, if 1 and a half weeks have passed since something was responded to and there has been no mention or update about when it will be responded to, please contact me to let me know.
  • Keep your posts and content work-safe! Even though I believe that a majority of TCG players are old enough to handle mature content and the likes, there are some who may just feel uncomfortable about it regardless. I don't really see why anything would even be not-work-safe anyways but this is just to be sure!
  • You can make your avatars and signatures whatever size you like! Or well, as long as it fits within the maximum size. The minimum size for avatars is 100x100 and the maximum is 165x165! For signatures, there is a 255 character limit that I think should be more than enough but if anyone thinks the limit needs to be increased, just let me know!
  • All normal TCG rules apply! This should go without saying but all standard TCG rules should still be followed even when using the forums.
If anyone has any questions regarding these rules, please don't hesitate to contact me by PM!

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