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Event Info

Post by Cassidy » Sat Feb 15, 2020 3:49 am

With today being Valentine's Day and White Day coming up on March 14th, we very last minutely decided to celebrate with a month-long event! There's THREE PARTS to this event but please note that Parts 2 & 3 aren't mandatory to participate in if you choose to only participate in Part 1 (although we do encourage it!!!).

However, Parts 2 & 3 can only be participated in if you have chocolates which at the moment, are only earned through Part 1 of the event! We may add other ways to earn chocolates for those who don't want to participate in Part 1 but you will earn significantly less chocolates than if you were to, which then affects how many gifts you can buy to give to others, when then affects how many return gifts you get!

Most of you will probably be familiar with Part 1 of this event but even if you are, please read the following anyways! Some things may be different from what has been done in the past at other TCGs that have had similar events.
  • Players who want to participate can make a thread in the event sub-forum and title it as "Name's Candy Booth"! In this thread, include a link to the Candygram Randomizer as well as your "handmade card" AND any notes/a wishlist if you prefer certain presents from the Chocolate Shop. How the thread is decorated and presented is up to you!
  • The "handmade card" is just a graphic that must be 125 x 125px AND have your name on it but what it features, how it’s decorated, etc is up to the player! (Example)
    • It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either so if you don’t have a graphics program, even just putting your name on a photo in paint counts! There’s also online photo editor/graphic programs that you can use as well!!
  • Other players will then visit your candy booth thread and claim their candygram + grab your handmade card by replying to it, which they can then display on their trade post or thread for fun (and can also act as a tracker so players know who they’ve visited already).
  • Players can only visit another player’s candy booth ONCE during the entire event!
  • Handmade cards ARE REQUIRED to make and display in your thread.
  • Keep track of how many chocolates you receive from the candygrams (and maybe other methods?!) as they can be used to purchase presents in our Chocolate Shop that you can then gift to others!

Like mentioned above, players can only participate in Part 2 of this event if they have obtained chocolates (which look like the example below). This is because the chocolates will be used to purchase presents from this shop in order to gift to others!


  • All items purchased in the shop can ONLY BE GIVEN TO OTHERS, you cannot buy anything to gift to yourself!
  • Additionally, to keep things simple and to prevent any overlaps in choice things, the only items available to buy are various random card packs.
  • You can only gift entire card packs to a player so if you buy a card pack that contains 5 random cards, you must gift all 5 cards to the same player.
  • There’s no limit to how many gifts you can send to a single player but do consider gifting as many different players possible to ensure everyone feels included!
  • All purchases in the shop must first be approved by an admin (or event staff member, if we have any) but once approved, you will be responsible for sending the gift to the designated player(s) as specified in your purchase form. You can do so through forum PM or messaging them any other way you can think of/is available!
  • You do not need to send the gifts within the event period but only purchases made within the event period will be processed, even if the event has ended by the time we respond (in the case we are behind or late).
To see the gifts available as well as the form to purchase them, please go to the Chocolate Shop thread! Once you've purchased some gifts and they have been approved, you can find the codes to pass them out from the GIFT RANDOMIZER!

Part 3 of this event is only available to those who participate in Part 2 as it's entirely based on what you gift to others!
  • To encourage gifting, and gifting as many players as possible, we’ll be passing out return gifts based on how many players you gift as well as how many cards are given out overall!
  • To calculate the amount of cards you’ve gifted, add up the contents of each gift purchased to get your total (ie. 2 small gifts = 10 cards gifted overall while 2 small gifts + 1 medium gift = 20 cards gifted overall).
When you're ready to claim your return gifts, please go to the Return Gifts thread and fill out the form there!

ALL PARTS PARTS 1 & 2 OF THIS EVENT WILL FINISH ON MARCH 14TH @ 11:59 PM EDT while PART 3 WILL FINISH ON MARCH 31ST @ 11:59 PM EDT!! If you're the type to put things off until the last second, please try to plan ahead and give yourself some time to finish everything that you need or want to.

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