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Post by Cassidy » Sat Sep 05, 2020 4:22 am

Although when students go back to school differs depending where you live, where I’m from a new school year always starts in September which is why this is our Back to School event! Before you can go back to classes though, you’ll have to make sure you’re prepared with all the school supplies and things you’ll need.

The event is simple: complete a list of tasks on your School Supplies List and be rewarded for each one! If you complete all the tasks then you’ll also get a final bonus reward. School Supplies Lists can be found in their own threads, which is also where players will post their forms when turning in a completed task.

This event is meant to be played at your own pace so you could finish everything in the first week, slowly turn things in over the course of the month, or submit everything on the last day - whatever you want as the rewards will be the same no matter when you submit them! You also do not need to do everything if you can’t or don’t want to so feel free to pick and choose what you want to complete!

Rewards are self-served in case we ever take a while to pass out rewards ourselves, however we will be checking forms as they’re posted to make sure they’re being filled out and that tasks are being completed correctly. In the case of any issues, we will contact you about them to fix!

  • First, check out the School Supplies List as well as the Bonus Challenge to get an idea of the kinds of tasks available and for more information on each! The rewards for completing each task will also be listed in their own threads.
  • When you've completed a task, please go to the thread for the School Supplies List that the task is from and fill out the provided form. Include all relevant/necessary proofs as well as the reward you received from it (from the specified randomizer) in the same post!
  • You'll also find the form in each thread to claim your final prize for completing all the tasks! To claim it, just fill it out and post it in the same thread like you did for the other tasks.
  • Feel free to make your own thread in the Back to School 2020 event forum if you want use it as a tracker and/or to keep all your proofs in one place but please note you MUST turn in completed tasks in the correct School Supplies List thread in order to claim your reward! Posts in your own threads won't count.

Questions? Feel free to ask them here, or on the Discord like always! Our forum PMs and Discord DMs are also open as well!!

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