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Posted on 191201 by Cassidy

Hello!! This is just a placeholder for what should've been our monthly update. But as of earlier today, Dreamhost (which the domain this TCG is on is hosted with) forced an upgrade to the latest PHP version on all sites hosted under, trade posts and TCGs included.

Most sites weren't affected as far as I'm aware - only those that are running older, non-supported scripts such as version 1.0.1 of easyTCG and the TCG management script used for Starlight (as well as my other TCG, Sakura, which is still not accessible currently) were. This has caused those sites or the specific pages using the script(s) to either not display or load at all!

As a result, I'll need to switch over all affected pages on both my TCGs to the non-deprecated(?) version of mySQL (if you're not familiar, this basically just means I have to edit a lot of pages to make them work again) but this will take some time especially because I've already run into a few problems and I've only gone through the main pages for Starlight so far like the index, deck pages, join form, and the members list!

I haven't even touched the forums yet as I'm not sure how to resolve it because I need to test something first so unfortunately, it will not be accessible either until further notice. We also won't be able to post the monthly update anytime soon (as well as anything else that needed to or would be done alongside it) until I'm able to sort out this mess so I do apologize for having to delay everything!

Ideally, I'd like to have this all or mostly cleared up by Friday so we can still post the weekly update and if necessary, combine with the monthly update again but I'm unsure of a timeline. ;; I will keep everyone updated though, mostly on Discord but if I remember to, I'll also post updates on our Twitter for those who don't have or use Discord!

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