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Posted on Jun 02, 2020 by Cassidy

First of all, apologies for posting this late! I'm not going to lie but I completely forgot about the monthly update since I had slept for most of the day and then when I did wake up, I ate first and watched some videos lmao... but I suppose it's better late than never!

Second of all, before I get into the update, I just want to take a moment to mention the events recently that I'm sure many of you are already aware of and how Black Lives Matter!

If you aren't (or if you are aware but don't know much yet), please do take a look at this site (as well as more sites/link in this tweet) for more information and learn how you can help, even if it's just by signing & sharing petitions or donating if you're able to! In addition, there are also links to learn more about everything and educate yourself further.

This might be considered unrelated to the TCG and we're a relatively small TCG at that so it might not do or reach much but it doesn't change how important it is to bring attention to this matter even if it's just one more person than before!

Thank you for reading this. The rest of the usual update is below!


Just two this time since I never made one for reaching 400 released decks! Everyone can take ev-202006 as long as you join(ed) before the end of the month and only those of you who joined before TODAY can take ev-400decks!

Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks


Congratulations to our new spotlight member: Dhee!!

Please pick up your prize pack HERE and feel free to start abusing your special benefits (as listed on its game page). PM me or Cass once you know the 4 decks you'd like to request and don't forget to order them by preference or mention if you want any of them more than the others, as we'll only be releasing 2 of them this month!


A new month means a new featured artist and this time it's Cycle 2's 3rd place artist: NCT! They will be featured in the TCG for the rest of June.

This means we will be releasing 1 additional NCT/NCT unit deck every week on top of the regular release starting June 5th. All other rewards as outlined on the game’s page will be in effect starting today though!

If you voted for NCT (either during the initial voting period or either/both of the tie breaker votings) then you may claim your rewards on the forums HERE! We included a list of the voters in case anyone forget or wasn’t sure as well so just reply to that thread with your initial reward and every week, please reply again with the choice card you’re taking..

If you master ANY NCT/NCT unit deck this month, regardless of whether you voted for them or not, you can claim your bonus rewards HERE! All of these threads are self-serve so just follow the instructions in their respective threads and you should be good.

With Cycle 2 almost done, that means Cycle 3 will soon begin which means we are now accepting votes until the end of the month to decide the next Top 3! As always, the game page has been updated with the relevant information and form so please do cast a vote before July so we hopefully won't need to go into tie-breakers again!!

(Also for transparency sake, I noticed one of the requirements for nominating an artist said there only needed to be at least 3 decks donated/made for an artist to be an eligible but it should be 4—since that's the bare minimum we'd need because the winning artists get 4 decks of theirs released in their reward month—so I had to remove some of the nominations. I don't remember why I had changed it to 3 if it wasn't just a typo/accident so I'm sorry about this!!)

And one more thing!! I realized that when LOONA were the featured artist last month, I didn't specify that any LOONA deck including the solo/unit decks were eligible for the bonus rewards so some of you may not have known the bonus rewards applied to them too. (Some of you did though, which is fine!) As such, I posted a notice HERE about this and am allowing anyone who this applies to, to be able to claim their rightful rewards if you PM/DM me.


Donations have been reset so go and claim some new decks for June! I don't believe anyone had asked for extensions last month so we've completely cleared anything that wasn't donated on time. The Inkigayo Set of games have also been updated!

New rounds for Special Stage and Heroine are up as well! Please pay attention to the special rule for Heroine this month!! Special Stage also has a kind of vague/general theme this month so if you're confused or unsure, feel free to run anything by us first/provide multiple images when you donate.

Unfortunately, we did not finish the last round of Heroine on time but over half of the deck was collected so there are still some bonus rewards!! Go ahead and pick those up HERE and the final rewards for Special Stage right over HERE!

Lastly, if you purchased a Jar of Stars last month, make sure to click on it now to open it and see its contents!! The jar will be refreshed next month for the June jar so please make sure to claim your gift before then.


It's much later than I had said I'd get it done but the Less Loved Decks Campaign is now ready to go! Sorry for the delay in getting the randomizer set up for it but feel free to start claiming your bonus rewards HERE if you've already mastered one of the decks listed AND you meet the other requirements.

The other thing I wanted to mention was there has been a change to Trading Rewards regarding the amount of stamp cards you can turn in at once. Before there was no limit to how many you could turn in but since Haylee is currently working that section by herself while amy takes a break for personal reasons, we are implementing a limit of 10 stamp cards per post so it's less overwhelming for her to go through and count at once! If you have more than 10 stamp cards to turn in at any time, you MUST wait until the first 10 you turn in are rewarded BEFORE you can turn in anymore.

Finally, this is just a reminder that we're still hiring staff for Donations and the Star Shop! Please take a look HERE for more details about being a Donations staff member and HERE for the Star Shop. We want to hire someone ASAP but if needed, we will keep this open past this Friday (which is when we said we'd initially keep this open until)!


Next update will be on June 5th— with me again! See you all then!!

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Event Card got ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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------------ 200605 ------------\r\n- Event Cards: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Cards: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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- Update 200601: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks // Thank you! I hope everyone\'s staying safe out there!


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Event Card: ev-202006, ev-400decks


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Event Card (200602): ev-202006, ev-400decks

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