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Posted on Sep 11, 2020 by Cassidy

Games: Variety Set, Music Core Set, Drama Set


Cassidy"allow players to grab from any updates they haven't already taken from (wishes, new decks, etc) including expired ones (but only updates made when they were a member) for the rest of September!" Yes, I’m granting my own wish but this was something yasu and I had discussed doing anyways so-- like the wish states, players can go back to any and ALL updates that they HAVE NOT already taken from, and take any of the freebies, wishes, new decks, etc part of it!

Please note, however, that you can only take from updates that were made while you were a member in the TCG! If you just joined last month, you can’t go take from any updates made prior to your join date but for example, if you’ve been here from the beginning but didn’t take from the very first updates (or used up all your freebies), now you can!!

If you already took everything you coud from an update, you cannot take from it again though. This is mainly for those of you (and me) who were slow or lazy to use up their freebies from updates before they expired so take advantage of this for the time being!

AmberI wish for everyone to receive a pack of random cards! So head on over to THIS RANDOMIZER and choose any of the 10-card packs to claim! No refreshing and please change the log name to the usual way you log your wishes!!


Like mentioned in the event, we will be doing double deck releases throughout the month of September! We missed last week because I forgot to tell yasu about it so this week, I released an extra 10 decks on top of the double release to make up for it LOL

And for being the currently featured artist, here is a bonus Apink deck! This deck is included in regular pulls.

You may take a total of 32 cards but no more than 3 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
If using the Release Upgrade, the 2 extra pulls cannot be from a deck you've already maxed out pulls from!

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


First up, the rewards for the Back to School event are finally up! Sorry it took us an entire week to sort that out. ;; Due to time constraints, the randomizers aren’t up yet but I swear I’ll have them done sometime after this update or before the end of the weekend at the latest so you guys can start collecting your rewards! You can check out what you can earn here: Regular List and Bonus Challenge List!

Also worth mentioning is that we added an additional task to the Bonus Challenge of the School Supplies list! Get ready to stream on the 14th!!


This is just a small announcement about Aqua’s wish that was granted in the last update! It looks like there was some confusion about what the extra donations could be of since it was never specified exactly so we edited the update to clarify that the 2 extra donations can only be VIDEO DECKS! All usual limits (ie. 2 donations per artist) still apply.

We are also still accepting responses to our survey until the end of the month!! Although we are not replying, we ARE reading every one of them and are already discussing some changes to be made based on what you guys have said so far. As it usually goes with us though, it just might take us a bit to actually get anything done so we apologize for any waits in the process but thank you for always being so patient with us!!


yasu will see you all on September 18th with the next update!

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POSTED ON: Sep 12, 2020 @ 01:25 am

Dreams Come True (Amber): various-whitedaygiftps21, victon-nostalgiaps22, fx-rumpumpumpum19, cix-mynewworldpv25, jbj95-awake13, shinee-firepv10, ace-undercoverteasersii04, izone-chaewon16, sunmi-siren18, uniq-seungyoun04\r\nNew Decks: dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers02, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers10, exid-iloveyou02, exid-iloveyou19, gugudan-mina01, gugudan-mina17, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers02, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers16, jonghyun-crazy08, jonghyun-crazy15, pristin-weewoo09, pristin-weewoo13, seventeen-joshua01, seventeen-joshua18, twice-mina08, twice-mina12, txt-blueorangeade08, txt-blueorangeade16, clc-no1teasers13, laboum-hwihwi04, got7-yugyeom23, mcnd-iceage12, straykids-clelevanterteasers23, onew-blue24, fromis9-gyuri25, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers01, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii11, handd-soul04, theboyz-dreamliketeasers19, pentagon-hongseok18, blackpink-jennie25, apink-naeun10\r\nDeck Donations: dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers01, pristin-weewoo01\r\nDecks Made: gugudan-mina02, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers01, jonghyun-crazy02, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi01, pristin-weewoo02, txt-blueorangeadetxt-blueorangeade01


POSTED ON: Sep 14, 2020 @ 06:41 am

wish(amber) took bts-mapofthesoulpersonateasersii06, ace-aceadventuresinwonderlandteasers08, kimdonghan-bntinternational190705, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers22, nct127-touchteasers01, x1-1stlookvol182ii17, ikon-bjjbeautyplus190212, seventeen-teenagewhitealbumii03, fx-redlightteasersvictoria06, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii05 \r\n\r\nnew sets took got7-yugyeom01, got7-yugyeom25, handd-soul05, handd-soul15, jonghyun-crazy09, jonghyun-crazy19, mcnd-iceage05, mcnd-iceage15, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii07, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii18, ongseongwu-layersteasers01, ongseongwu-layersteasers20, pentagon-hongseok10, pentagon-hongseok20, victon-timeofsorrow05, victon-timeofsorrow15,\r\nstraykids-clelevanterteasers01, straykids-clelevanterteasers25, theboyz-dreamliketeasers01, theboyz-dreamliketeasers20


POSTED ON: Sep 15, 2020 @ 08:38 am

New Decks (9/15/20): ab6ix-6ixenseteasers11, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi19, blackpink-jennie17, clc-no1teasers08, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers05, exid-iloveyou12, fromis9-gyur23, gidle-soojin06, got7-yugyeom13, gugudan-mina25, handd-soul12, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers07, jonghyun-crazy06, laboum-hwihwi15, loona-choerrylovecherrymotion16, mamamoo-osenstarroad191118, mcnd-iceage11, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii14, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi07, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers02, onew-blue14, ongseongwu-layersteasers17, pentagon-hongseok01, pristin-weewoo12, seventeen-joshua12, straykids-clelevanterteasers04, theboyz-dreamliketeasers06, twice-mina24, txt-blueorangeade07, victon-timeofsorrow08, apink-naeun21\r\nDREAMS COME TRUE (Amber): dreamcatcher-jiu01, bap-zelo15, bts-jhope09, onf-hyojin01, bts-rm14, lovelyz-kei18, ohmygirl-binnie25, bap-jongup14, gwsn-anne04, seventeen-jun22


POSTED ON: Sep 15, 2020 @ 11:56 am

Dreams Come True (amber): bap-yongguk18, exo-chanyeol22, girlsgeneration-taeyeon03, onf-hyojin21, shinee-minho20, ninemuses-euaerin18, redvelvet-yeri08, wekimeki-doyeon05, fx-krystal17, redvelvet-seulgi25\r\n\r\nNew Decks (200911) (32/32): victon-timeofsorrow03, victon-timeofsorrow13, victon-timeofsorrow24, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi05, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi09, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi16, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers01, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers08, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers20, jonghyun-crazy17, jonghyun-crazy19, jonghyun-crazy20, pentagon-hongseok03, pentagon-hongseok06, pentagon-hongseok17, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii01, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii07, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi06, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi09, straykids-clelevanterteasers08, gidle-soojin13, gidle-soojin20, straykids-clelevanterteasers09, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers07, ongseongwu-layersteasers04, theboyz-dreamliketeasers06, theboyz-dreamliketeasers10, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers14, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers19, got7-yugyeom03, got7-yugyeom09, got7-yugyeom13


POSTED ON: Sep 17, 2020 @ 02:48 pm

- Dreams Come True (Amber / 110920): redvelvet-joy02, seventeen-jeonghan21, everglow-sihyeon20, blackpink-lisa19, izone-wonyoung21, dia-jueun17, twice-jihyo08, ateez-hongjoong19, shinee-jonghyun10, aoa-hyejeong06 \r\n- Donation: theboyz-dreamliketeasers15, laboum-hwihwi15, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi15\r\n- Update (110920): txt-blueorangeade12, txt-blueorangeade13, txt-blueorangeade17, theboyz-dreamliketeasers12, theboyz-dreamliketeasers13, theboyz-dreamliketeasers17, seventeen-joshua12, seventeen-joshua13, seventeen-joshua17, pristin-weewoo12, pristin-weewoo13, pristin-weewoo17, pentagon-hongseok12, pentagon-hongseok13, pentagon-hongseok17, laboum-hwihwi12, laboum-hwihwi13, laboum-hwihwi17, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers12, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers13, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers17, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers12, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers13, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers17, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi12, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi13, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi17, ab6ix-6ixenseteasers12, ab6ix-6ixenseteasers13, ab6ix-6ixenseteasers17, blackpink-jennie12, blackpink-jennie13


POSTED ON: Sep 17, 2020 @ 08:48 pm

New Decks: blackpink-jennie05, blackpink-jennie14, clc-no1teasers09, dreamcatcher-fallasleepinthemirrorteasers15, exid-iloveyou07, fromis9-gyuri15, gidle-soojin17, gugudan-mina12, loona-choerrylovecherrymotion08, mamamoo-osenstarroad191116, pristin-weewoo18, twice-mina13, apink-naeun24, izone-oneiricdiaryoneiricteasers15, laboum-hwihwi23, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi13, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers11, ab6ix-6ixenseteasers10, ateez-treasureepfinalltoactionteasersi11, got7-yugyeom05, handd-soul14, jonghyun-crazy22, mcnd-iceage20, monstax-2019seasonsgreetingsii04, onew-blue16, ongseongwu-layersteasers13, pentagon-hongseok15, seventeen-joshua23, straykids-clelevanterteasers02, theboyz-dreamliketeasers03, txt-blueorangeade21, victon-timeofsorrow14 // Wish (10 Card Pack): bts-idolps01, pristin-xiyeon17, onewe-dongmyeong01, oneus-seoho21, ohmygirl-yooa17, ongseongwu-webelong24, onew-voicealbum18, hyuna-flowershower05, victon-seungwoo13, ohmygirl-arin08


POSTED ON: Sep 20, 2020 @ 10:26 am

- New Decks (110920): blackpink-jennie05, blackpink-jennie06, blackpink-jennie19, clc-no1teasers02, clc-no1teasers04, clc-no1teasers05, exid-iloveyou05, exid-iloveyou07, exid-iloveyou14, gidle-soojin13, gidle-soojin14, gidle-soojin24, mamamoo-osenstarroad191103, mamamoo-osenstarroad191113, mamamoo-osenstarroad191118, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi01, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi02, ninemuses-sseditionalbumi04, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers07, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers14, ohmygirl-thefifthseasonteasers15, pristin-weewoo11, pristin-weewoo16, pristin-weewoo18\r\nDonated: ninemuses-sseditionalbumi05

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