happy new year!!

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Before starting, I just want to mention first that this is only a PARTIAL MONTHLY UPDATE! I say partial because while we have some of the usual monthly stuff ready for today, the rest will be done for/by Friday when we post the regular weekly update. If you don't see some things today that we usually have for monthly updates, check back then before asking us where ____ is, etc!


As promised, with the new year, we have our very first Spotlight Star! We decided to only choose one member this month after all but there’s another 11 months to be chosen so don’t fret if you’re not picked! That being said, congratulations to our very first spotlight member: nikki!!

Please pick up your prize pack HERE and feel free to start abusing your special benefits (as listed on its game page). PM me or yasu once you know the 4 decks you'd like to request and don't forget to order them by preference or mention if you want any of them more than the others, as we'll only be releasing 2 of them this month!


Only SOME of the Inkigayo games have been updated, namely: Dreams Come True, Special Stage, Heroine, and Birthday! For Dreams Come True, we're back to only accepting ONE (1) wish per player and the other two should have their new rounds up on the forums already. For Birthday, go ahead and pick up your present & apply for your badge on the forums HERE!

You can also now pick up the rewards for Special Stage 002 HERE and the round completion rewards for Heroine 002 HERE! Rewards for last month's My Copycat are also ready to claimed HERE.

Speaking of My Copycat, we've decided to retire the game for the time being as yasu and I quickly realized we hated making a new round for it lmao… So in it’s place, you’ll find a new game which we will announce on Friday! We'll make sure the rewards you get from the new game will be equivalent to or around the same amount you'd get from My Copycat so please don't worry!

Donations have been reset so go and claim some new decks for January!! Don’t forget that we’re now accepting special deck donations as of last month but the 2-per-artist rule still applies even though special decks are additional donations not included in your monthly limit!

I believe everyone who was granted an extension has gotten their donations in by now but if you haven't and your claim(s) have already been removed from the spreadsheet, please message us ASAP.


Artist Ranking has finally completed it’s first cycle! I’m sure you’re all curious to know who the grand winner is so without further ado, congrats to our very first #1 artist: SEVENTEEN!

With a whopping 8 votes, it was both surprising and unsurprising to us that they came out on top! As such, starting this Friday on January 3rd when we post the weekly update (and every following week for the rest of January), 1 additional SEVENTEEN deck will be released on top of the regular release (so it’s possible there might be two SEVENTEEN decks in the same release).

Following in second place was BTS with 3 votes and in third, we had a three-way tie between OH MY GIRL, Red Velvet, and SHINee who all had 2 votes each! While it’s certain that BTS will be featured in February, the artist we feature in March will be decided based on your votes - so please cast them HERE!! Like voting, you’ll get a reward for doing so.

Please note that Cycle 2 will NOT start until February when we will open up nominations again! Also, the remaining rewards for SEVENTEEN winning will not start until this Friday as well since there are some things that still need to be decided and then coded/posted. ;;


As for what we DON'T have ready to go today, the Jar of Stars will be updated on January 3rd! If you still haven't picked up its contents from November's jar, feel free to still grab it before it refreshes for good this Friday. We'll also be posting the event cards on the 3rd as well as the rest of the Inkigayo games!

Also as of today, the Pre-Order Counter for the Music Shop has temporarily closed! We have a lot of CD requests to catch up on and we wonder if half of them will even be requested any time soon when stamp cards are turned in so for the time being, we won’t be accepting any new requests in batches.

Everyone is still free to request CDs as you turn in stamp cards in your personal threads though so if there are still CDs you want to see, you can still obtain them with that method! We will let you all know if/when we decide to open up the Pre-Order Counter again. Sorry for the suddenness of this announcement! ;;;

woop woop

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Games: Variety Set, Music Bank Set
Level Ups: Established (Mio); Upcoming Artist (Amber, amy, Dhee, Haylee, nikki, Shinya, Violet); Rookie (Cami, Larlic, Selena); Debuted (Bommiie, Mari, Mireia); Trainee (Mireia); Scouted (osaka)


Lex"3 choice cards with the same number" Boom. Use it well!


You may take a total of 10 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


Yes, the Christmas event is almost over. But remember!! December 31st is the last day to grab all the gifts without the event deck and also the last day to make use of those "15 trades only" stampcards!

As I've stated above, the event deck is no longer collectable and may now only be mastered by everyone that grabbed the gifts the day they were posted - Cass has already put up the thread for those of you who did right HERE so you can both grab your rewards (we'll add the masteries to your profiles ourselves) and your shiny custom event badge for it!

You have until January 31st, 2020 to submit your mastery - after that, this deck will be officially retired and you'll no longer be able to master it.


Don’t forget to submit any last minute monthly things! Donations, grab your birthday rewards and badge, play monthly games!

My Copycat rewards for November are finally up!! We're sorry about the delay on this, but the holidays are a very difficult time to get things done properly - our angel Cass took her time to put it up over HERE, so go grab your rewards!

The form for purchases in the Star Shop has been updated so that it now includes a section for all premium items! If you're looking to buy a Jar of Stars or Idol Agency Slot, you would use the same section and just specify what you're purchasing and the amount you'd like - you can check that out over HERE.


This is our last December update! Keep an eye out for the monthly update on January 1st, 2020 with... one of us!

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