onto the second half of 2020...

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Me, realizing the reason for the monthly update being posted after the 1st is the same as why it wasn't posted on time for June... 😬 Some things don't change I guess! I do apologize for the delay with this though. ;;


A new month means new event card! Here's to July, everyone!! I hope it treats us all well, and that everyone's staying healthy and safe too!

Event Card: ev-202007


Congratulations to our new spotlight member: larlic!!

Please pick up your prize pack HERE and feel free to start abusing your special benefits (as listed on its game page). PM/DM me or yasu once you know the 4 decks you'd like to request and don't forget to order them by preference or mention if you want any of them more than the others, as we'll only be releasing 2 of them this month!


With NCT finishing up the top 3 from Cycle 2, it’s time to announce the new Cycle 3 winners! In first place is TWICE who will be featured in the TCG for the rest of July!

This means we will be releasing 1 additional TWICE deck every week on top of the regular release starting July 3rd. All other rewards as outlined on the game’s page will be in effect starting today though!

If you voted for TWICE then you may claim your rewards on the forums HERE! We included a list of the voters in case anyone forget or wasn’t sure as well so just reply to that thread with your initial reward and every week, please reply again with the choice card you’re taking..

If you master ANY TWICE deck this month, regardless of whether you voted for them or not, you can claim your bonus rewards HERE! All of these threads are self-serve so just follow the instructions in their respective threads and you should be good.

While our first place winner was decided, our second and third places have not so please help us out in a tie breaker voting over HERE! The candidates are the artists who had the second most votes after the initial voting period.


Donations have been reset so go and claim some new decks for July! If one of your claims has been cleared from the spreadsheet even though you donated it or you noticed any other errors, please let us know!

The Inkigayo Set of games have also been updated! Feel free to play those, submit a new wish for this month, and don’t forget to pick up your present if you celebrate a birthday this month!!

New rounds for Special Stage and Heroine are up as well! Please note that we're back to regular rules this month but the limits may change over the month depending on activity (or a lack thereof).

Unfortunately, last month's Special Stage round was not filled on time so it'll remain open until it is which means we're accepting more images! Please see the last post HERE for more info. We also did not finish the last round of Heroine on time but since over half of the deck was collected, there are some bonus rewards which you pick up HERE if you participated!

Lastly, if you purchased a Jar of Stars last month, make sure to click on it now to open it and see its contents!! (Please don't judge me for re-using last month's jar ;;;;) The jar will be refreshed next month for the July jar so please make sure to claim your gift before then.


The wishes that were granted in previous updates (Violet’s from June 12th as well as yasu and amy’s wishes from June 5th) have all expired now so everything is back to normal except for Whitney’s wish to double the amount of duplicates you can submit in the Doubles Exchange - as of this month, the new permanent limit is 40 cards per week!

Staff hiring is now closed! We will be contacting the two of you who applied with more information and to answer any questions you may have (hopefully) soon!!


Next update will be on July 3rd with me again! See you all then!!

month almost over...

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Games: Variety Set, Music Bank Set, Drama Set


Haylee"I wish for cards spelling out HELLO SUMMER" It's finally summer somewhere that isn't my country so I guess you guys deserve it... Although I wish I had summer instead. 2 per deck max!

april"I wish for 5 choice cards from photoshoot decks, please & thank you!" They can be from different decks, all 5 cards can be from the same deck, it's your call!


You may take a total of 10 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


This is a reminder that you guys can still sign up to be a donations staff! The workload isn't big and you'll get very helpful colleagues who never stop doing their jobs, so you won't be alone! It's free cards for very little service, tbh. To check out the open spots, refer to the job's specific thread!

Don't forget that Violet's shooting star wish expires once the calendar turns July! Make good use of this bargain right here.

Do not forget to help us with our Monthly Games! Special Stage and Heroine have rounds up, and we'd love to get them done before the new month rolls over.


Next update happens on July 1st, with one of us or both! Who knows!!

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