it's really march already

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And it is I, yet again! Although I'm the one posting this, yasu was the one who updated most of the games and the donations spreadsheet so she really did the bulk of the update LOL but she's going to sleep soon so you guys have me!!


Everyone can take ev-202003 as long as you joined before or during March!

Event Cards: ev-202003


Congratulations to our new spotlight member: amy!!

Please pick up your prize pack HERE and feel free to start abusing your special benefits (as listed on its game page). PM me and yasu once you know the 4 decks you'd like to request and don't forget to order them by preference or mention if you want any of them more than the others, as we'll only be releasing 2 of them this month!


This month’s featured artist is no other than Red Velvet, our 3rd place winner from Cycle 1!

Like SEVENTEEN and BTS, we will be releasing 1 additional Red Velvet deck every week on top of the regular release starting March 6th (so it’s possible there might be two Red Velvet decks in the same release). All other rewards as outlined on the game’s page will be in effect starting today though!

If you voted for Red Velvet (either during the initial voting period or the tie breaker voting) then you may claim your rewards on the forums HERE! We included a list of the voters in case anyone forget or wasn’t sure as well so just reply to that thread with your initial reward and every week, please reply again with the choice card you’re taking.

If you master ANY Red Velvet deck this month, regardless of whether you voted for them or not, you can claim your bonus rewards HERE! All of these threads are self-serve so just follow the instructions in their respective threads and you should be good.

With this, voting for Cycle 2 is now open! Players have all month to vote so make sure to do so before April when our next winners will be announced!!


The Inkigayo games have been updated! Feel free to play those, submit a new wish for this month, and don’t forget to pick up your present if you celebrate a birthday this month!!

Donations have been reset so go and claim some new decks for March!! For those of you who received extensions on your February donations, please get them in before your new deadline unless you need a bit more time then contact either yasu or I. If one of your claims has been cleared from the spreadsheet even though you donated it or you notice any other errors, please let us know!

Lastly, if you purchased a Jar of Stars last month, make sure to click on it now to open it and see its contents!! The jar will be refreshed next month for the March jar so please make sure to claim your gift before then.


In case anyone missed it, rewards for Special Stage were posted a couple of days ago so you can pick those up HERE as well as Heroine rewards from HERE, which yasu posted tonight!

The calendar on the sidebar has been updated for this month so don't forget that our White Valentine's 2020 event ends on he 14th this month! We've also added a new link that should be visible with your other member links when you're logged in and your player status is either active or on hiatus that just leads to the current event, as I realized there wasn't anything about it on the sidebar and I was too lazy to make a new graphic header for it.


I think that's it? So yasu will see you guys next on March 6th for our weekly update!

where did february go

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New Members: dottie – Welcome!
Games: Variety Set, Music Core Set, To Reach You, Drama Set
Level Ups: Platinum Seller (Amber)


amy"this month is already shaping up to be full of girl group blessings, so my wish is for everyone to get a random pack of girl group cards!" So everyone can take the 10 cards you see on THIS RANDOMIZER, under the “female decks” header but no refreshing!!


And for being the currently featured artist, here is a bonus BTS deck! This deck is included in regular pulls.

You may take a total of 12 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
If using the Release Upgrade, the 2 extra pulls cannot be from a deck you've already maxed out pulls from!

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


There’s only one more day left in the month!!!! So don’t forget to finish playing the monthly games (including the forum games, birthday stuff and nominating artists for the next cycle of Artist Ranking!), turn in your donations (or ask for an extension if you need a couple extra days), claim Artist Ranking rewards (if you voted for BTS and/or mastered any BTS decks this month), pick up the rewards from January’s Jar of Stars if you purchased one, and any other monthly things I forgot to mention here!!

The White Valentine’s event is still going on until March 14th! If I have time tonight, I’ll be replying to the pending posts in the Chocolate Shop but regardless of if I do or not, I apologize for the wait on those in general!

We haven’t hired any deck makers yet because we haven’t had the time or energy to discuss the applications so please wait a bit longer for the final decision! Hopefully, if all goes as planned, the earliest we’ll have things figured out is Sunday or Monday (and when we do, that’s when we’d start sending out PMs if you’ve been hired) but if it takes a bit longer, don’t be surprised lol


I know we’re lacking on new upcoming decks currently but it’s because I’m behind on adding the ones that have been dropped off in the past few weeks and not because the deck makers are slow or lacking. ;; I did add them before the update so they can be voted for this week but the images may not be uploaded yet as I still have to check through them! I’m going to TRY and get this done tonight after the update though.

That being said, please do not vote for decks that haven’t been added to the upcoming list yet even if they’ve been dropped off and/or posted in the Deck Preview channel on our Discord! This is because if they aren’t on the upcoming list then we haven’t checked the deck yet for any errors and the likes.

Also, we don’t really check votes until the day of an update so we just assume if someone’s voted for a deck, that means we’ve already added & uploaded it to the site which is easier for us to release whereas if it’s not on upcoming then we have to do extra steps and work at the last minute! I know this sucks if there’s a deck you REALLY want and it’s been weeks since it’s been made but not on the site yet (and it’s no one’s fault but mine for not staying more on top of adding them in a timely manner) but it just confuses us otherwise. ;;;;

TL;DR: Don’t vote for anything not on the upcoming list or your vote will be ignored! We’ll let it slide for this week but we’ll be enforcing this from now on.


Next update is our monthly one on March 1st with one (or both) of us!

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