our first weekly update, and it's a combo!!

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New Members: Everyone – Welcome!
Referrals: amy (x1); ari (x1); Cassidy (x8); Eimii (x1); Jules (x1); Megan (x2); nikki (x1); yasu (x4); Pick up your reward here!
Games: Variety Set, Music Bank Set, Inkigayo Set


Our first weekly update has finally arrived - and in grand style too, since it's a combined weekly with a monthly update! Lots of new cards for all of you. And this is also the first time I'm officially greeting all of you, hello!! We've been planning this little baby since 2016, and it has gone through lots (and lots) of changes until we got to what we have here today, so I truly hope you're all enjoying our tcg.

If you ever want to tell us anything, be it a suggestion, something you think we can improve on, please remember we have the Help Center, where you can post general (or maybe even special event) ideas for us to have fun with!

I'm very sorry, this is gonna be a lot of reading.


yasu"a special gift pack to celebrate our first weekly update!" While this game was never open for you guys before, we're taking up the wish space to gift everyone with some random cards, which apparently you crazy people desperately need already! You can go HERE to grab your pack, and don't forget to comment in this update to officially claim it!


Now that we're in full opening mode, do check on the Quick News info notes for which games you are now free to play! And in case you might miss these in our Interactive section...

Birthdays! If you had a birthday in October and have one during November, you're entitled to the birthday gift + a special birthday badge to go along with it. Don't forget, because it'll only last until the end of this month!

Artist Ranking is a very Dilly Dally game, and I know you'll enjoy it just like I did back then. You're now allowed to play this game, just remember to read everything to make sure you understand it! If you have any questions, you know where to hit us up!


Every TCG gotta have it! We have a lot right as we start, but do follow the rules on which ones you can grab!

Only for prejoiners: ev-prejoin

Only for members who joined before November: ev-201910

Free for everyone: ev-grandopening, ev-yasubirthday2019, ev-halloween2019, ev-firstmastery, ev-201911, ev-cassidybirthday2019


You may take a total of 10 cards but no more than 2 per deck!
Donators & Deckmakers can take 1 extra card from any deck they donated and/or made (2 if they did both).
If using the Release Upgrade, the 2 extra pulls cannot be from a deck you've already maxed out pulls from!

To swap pulls from this release, feel free to use the #trades-and-pulls channel on Discord!
For random cards from the new decks, feel free to use the Update Randomizer!


As you would've guessed, Prejoin Claims can no longer be donated, so if you left a claim hanging, it's now up for grabs once the official November thread goes up! If you only need to fix anything in it though, it'll still be accepted - just quote our reply to the unapproved donation so we can re-check it!

And onto something that you all have been waiting for... The final list of official prejoiners will be posted up later today along with the thread to claim the prejoin bonus pack + prejoin rewards from donations and error reporting, if you reported any of those!

Which also should be a reminder to all of you: if you donated a deck that has already been released until this update you have the right to grab one choice card from that deck. A comment in the latest update whenever you do take them (could be 2 years from now, if you're a hoarder) is good enough proof before you log it!


Before you go!!!! (TVXQ's song starts playing)

The November Claims thread is up and unlocked. Go claim your stuff. But read the rules first, since we're now back to the usual limits (only 5 donations per month are in full effect now!)

And I'm ashamed to have to bring this up, but there were a few member cards we made errors on regarding member statuses so we will be contacting those of you who this affects as quickly as possible! if we contact you, we’ll include your member card in the next batch of card fixes we upload. Love you, bye!

Next update is November 8th, with our beloved Cass.

Officially Open!

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It's finally here: Starlight is now officially open!

A bunch of you are probably going to sign up first before anything but please make sure you come back here to read this as there will be a lot of important information for you guys!! If I get asked a question about something I mentioned here, I'll know you didn't read lmao... Unless you need clarification on something which is totally okay because I know sometimes I forget to write or explain things since it already makes sense in my head 💦

ANYWAYS! Before I ramble even longer, let's get on to the actual update stuff!!


First, some housekeeping regarding prejoin! At this point, all the prejoin-related threads have been locked so no more posts can be made. However, after discussing with yasu, we decided to extend the donation period for existing claims until the end of the month!

That means if you claimed a deck but did not donate it before today, you now have until midnight on October 31st to submit it in the original thread! Please note this is ONLY for donation claims already made as we are not accepting any new claims but we will be opening up donations again in November!

With this decision, we will be posting the list of approved prejoiners on November 1st instead which is also when eligible players can start applying for their Prejoin Bonus Pack! As long as you donated at least one (1) deck during prejoin (or between today and the end of the month), you will be given prejoin status and will be allowed to grab this. The event card for prejoin will go up then, too!

We'll also be posting the bonus rewards from donations and other prejoin stuff on that day, or a bit after then so please don't ask us for those yet! We need to calculate everything and figure out the codes/how to pass out the rewards. In the mean time though, if you donated a deck and it has been released as part of the opening then you may take one (1) choice card from it as your donation pull/bonus!

If you donated multiple decks that were released, you can take a choice card from each but please comment on this update with what you take and log it however you'd log your donation pulls!

Lastly, we will no longer be accepting donations for link buttons and once the Pre-Order Counter for the Music Shop opens again on November 1st, the limit will be reset to 10 CD requests per month!


Next, we're going to talk about what happens now, now that we're open!

If you haven't already, please feel free to actually join the TCG now! The currently released decks is the final list for opening so you can choose any of those decks as your starter deck. Like promised, we released all the decks that were requested by eligible prejoiners on time and filled out the rest with as many unique artists as possible to have more variety and an even male to female ratio of decks to start off with!

Once you get your Starter Pack uploaded to your trade post, don't forget to apply for your Starter Pack Bonus next to get your member card and first level badge! After you receive that and update your post with it, PM BOTH of the admins to let us know and one of us will approve you on the members list. Only when you've been approved will you be allowed to access the games so please don't forget!!


Speaking of games, most of the interactive section is allowed to be played once you're approved! This includes: the Variety Set, Music Bank Set, Music Core Set, and To Reach You (from the Special Set) only! The Inkigayo Set will be available to play on November 1st as will the rest of the Special Set. The Drama Set is only available if you have the correct Shooting Star to unlock it!

The Music Bank Set will be updated first next week so if you're pressed for time, make sure to play that set + the Variety Set before next Friday! The Music Core Set will be updated the week after so you can come back to it later. (And sorry for all the female artist rounds for the games... we were an all girls TCG before switching to a general Korean music TCG! ;;)


As of today, all services and activities are now open as well (minus donations and personal event cards which will start on or after November 1st)! Masteries and level ups can be done through your member panel but everything else is available on the forums as are all of our activities.

Don't forget the players start off with two (2) free artist slots in Idol Agency so go ahead and apply for your first act if you already have it all planned out! Just remember you can't start on your second act until the first one is fully debuted.

Also, please note that Shooting Stars are not available to purchase yet! We are still deciding on appropriate prices for them but we want to monitor general activity and pacing first before settling on anything. The Jar of Stars is also not available for purchase until November 1st!


Don't forget that those who join the TCG now but didn't sign up on the forums and/or didn't donate a deck during prejoin will be given Platinum status rather than the Prejoin status! We have to assign all statuses manually though so it might not show up on the members list or your profile right away. Please give us some time to do this!


If you're a staff member and/or a deck maker, please make sure you've joined our Discord! When you do, please DM or mention either yasu or I so we can give you a special role that'll grant you access to the private staff channels where we'll post announcements and updates relevant to you/your jobs.

And for those wondering, staff pay will (hopefully) be available starting November 1st! It also still needs to be coded, as do some of the randomizers for the activities which I hope to get to ASAP... Spreadsheets for Site Game Makers to add rounds to will also be coming soon!


Before I finish this already long update, I just wanted to mention that we currently have a Deck Suggestions thread where players can suggest up to 5 decks they'd like to see made sooner than later! These 5 decks must all be from different artists however so we can get an idea of what everyone's interested in and so deck makers can see what they might like to prioritize when claiming new decks to make.

I think the thread will remain open until the end of November? But each player can only post once, and no edits! Please read the thread for more information!!

And I believe that's it for now! I'm sure I'm forgetting something so if I am, I'll make an edit here and announce it both on our Discord and Twitter... yasu will see you guys next Friday on November 1st for our first monthly and weekly combined update! We'll have our first deck release as well as some wishes to grant, hopefully, so send those votes and wishes in!!

Thanks soooo much once again to everyone who's shown interest and excitement in Starlight!!! We're looking forward to this new TCG and hope everyone has fun!

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