a guide to starlight tcg

All of the basics needed to know about Starlight TCG can be found in the various sections below! Further information and details about certain parts of the TCG can also be found on the forums in their respective information-related threads. Still can't find the information you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on the forums!



Show off who your favourites are and even gain some benefits while doing so! Bias Polaroids are Starlight's version of adoption activities other TCGs may have but instead, players can purchase polaroids of their favourite artists, either for fun or to activate a special skill!

All polaroids cost 12 stars (3 stars of EACH TYPE: pink, purple, blue, orange). If you want to add a special skill to the polaroid, there will be an additional cost that varies depending on skill!

Players may only own a total of 6 polaroids at any single time and they also CANNOT buy a polaroid of the same member more than once (so you can’t buy 2 Irene polaroids but you can buy a polaroid of each Red Velvet member). Artists/Members are not exclusive though so multiple players can buy polaroids of the same artist/member!


Like mentioned above, skills can be added on to a polaroid purchase and using any one of them will activate special benefits within the TCG. To activate a polaroid’s skill, you must either have it displayed on your trade post and/or post/link to it when using it on the forums (depending on the skill)!

The full list of skills currently available and how to use them can be seen in the table below as well as their price - which are all in yellow stars!

Prejoiner Benefits – Using this skill allows non-prejoiners to also use prejoiner benefits (such as increased limits/restrictions in Trading Hut)! Platinum members may also use this skill. Display the polaroid on your trade post in a clearly visible location! If using this for a forum game please include the polaroid when you post. 3 Yellow Stars
Doubled Forum Game Limits – Using this skill allows you to double the normal amount of contributions you can make to Heroine and Special Stage! If players can only donate 1 card per week in Heroine, this skill allows you to donate 2 cards instead. Include the polaroid when you post your play for the game! 3 Yellow Stars
Monthly Card Pack Freebie – Using this skill allows you to claim 2 card packs (of 10 cards each) for free, every month! These are in addition to the usual limits both from regular purchases/coupons and you get to choose the card pack type(s). Make a purchase like normal in your personal shop thread but include the polaroid or link to it when it asks for the total cost of the card packs! This skill resets on the 1st of every month. 4 Yellow Stars
Doubled Exchange Limits – Using this skill allows you to double the normal amount of exchanges you can make in both the Star Exchange and Doubles Exchange! If the amount of exchanges allowed has already been doubled due to a wish, freebies, event, etc then this skill doubles THAT amount. Include the polaroid when you post your exchange! 4 Yellow Stars
Biweekly Shop Discount – Using this skill allows you to receive a discount of 50% off on any ONE (1) Star Shop item in our inventory once every 2 weeks! This discount only applies to 1 item even if you're purchasing multiple items at once. Include the polaroid when you make your purchase and specify which one you're using the discount on! 5 Yellow Stars
Monthly Present – Using this skill allows you to celebrate your birthday every month so you can claim the Birthday Present even if it's not your birth month! This does NOT apply to the personal event card you can receive, which can only be applied for when it's your actual birth month. Display the polaroid on your trade post in a clearly visible location and edit the log of the present to note you received it from a Bias Polaroid! 5 Yellow Stars
Reduced Fan Club Requirements – Using this skill allows you to reduce the number of required decks needed to level up in a fan club after you first join one by 2 ! If levelling up requires 8 decks to be mastered, you would only need to master 6 instead. Include the polaroid when you submit the level up form! You can use the polaroid on each level up so if you're levelling up more than once in the same post, the skill applies to all. 5 Yellow Stars


We know favourites are not forever and this may change over time, as will your needs and goals in the TCG, which is why we do allow players to make changed to any polaroids they currently own! If this is the case for you, please see below for more information.

  • If you reach the max. limit of polaroids allowed but want a new one, you will need to give up one of your current polaroids and then purchase a new one.
  • If you purchase a polaroid with no skill but later want to add one, you just need to pay the price of the skill only.
  • If you want to make any changes such as a new photo or new skill, you will need to give up the polaroid entirely and re-purchase it with the new photo and/or skill.

You can make all polaroid changes as well as purhasing new polaroids over on the forums in your personal polaroids thread!