a guide to starlight tcg

All of the basics needed to know about Starlight TCG can be found in the various sections below! Further information and details about certain parts of the TCG can also be found on the forums in their respective information-related threads. Still can't find the information you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on the forums!



We have two types of currency here: Star Fragments and Stars!

Star Fragments can be earned from games, services, and other methods in the TCG and while they have no worth nor can you use them on their own, you can turn them into Stars through the Star Kitchen.

Stars can only be earned by turning fragments into them or if they're given out in special circumstances like update freebies, events, etc. but unlike Star Fragments, they can be exchanged for various things at our Star Shop.

At the moment, there are only 4 types of Star Fragments: Pink, Purple, Blue, and Orange. For stars, there are 5 types: the four mentioned previously, and Yellow. To see an example of what they look like, see below! Hovering over any of the examples will also tell you what type they are.


Each type of Star Fragment and Star also corresponds to one of our four deck types which affects what you can turn your Stars in for. See the table below to find out which currency type corresponds to which deck type!

PinkArtist Decks
PurpleVideo Decks
BluePhotoshoot Decks
OrangeSpecial Decks
YellowAll Deck Types

You will need 10 Fragments of one colour/type to turn into 1 Star of the same colour/type but to create a Yellow Star, you will need 5 fragments of each of the four colour/types for a total of 20 fragments instead.

For more information, as well as the form needed to create stars, please see the Information thread on the forums!


Once you have created some Stars, you can begin spending them at our Star Shop to buy things like choice cards, card packs, a Jar of Stars, Shooting Stars, and more!

Choice Cards and Card Packs are dependent on what kind of Stars are being used to purchase them as the type of Star affects what kind of decks you can purchase choice cards or card packs from. If you use Pink Stars to purchase a choice card, your choice card(s) must be from an Artist deck and if you use Purple Stars to purchase a card pack, the random cards will be chosen from all Video decks currently released at the time!

A Jar of Stars is a special item that can only be bought once per month but will contain a variety of items such as choice cards, random cards, Star Fragments, and more! You can only open a purchased Jar of Stars at the end of the month when the contents of it are revealed but the contents of the Jar of Stars changes each month.

Shooting Stars are the Starlight equivalent of power ups and boosts that other TCGs have! At the moment, all of our available Shooting Stars are not permanent and have a pre-determined amount of uses before it loses its star power and fades away. There's no limit to how many total Shooting Stars you can have at once either but you can only activate 1 of each type of Shooting Star at any given time and must use it entirely before using another one (of the same type)!

For more details and information on the Star Shop and the items you can buy, please take a look at our Information Post and Shop Inventory for prices and what kinds of Shooting Stars are available.


At Starlight, we do have some coupons that can be obtained through earning them in various rewards, purchasing them, or freebies/wishes! The full list of coupons currently available and how to use them can be seen in the table below.


Card Pack 10
1 coupon = 1 Card Pack (10 cards)
The Card Pack 10 is used to redeem 1 Card Pack of 10 cards from our Star Shop! The can be chosen from the following types: Artist, Video, Photoshoot, Special, or All Types! Please note that the random cards you receive in a card pack redeemed from this coupon can come from any currently released deck so you will get a combination of male, female, and mixed-gender decks! Fill out the order form like normal in your individual thread in the Star Shop sub-forums but instead of listing what stars you're using to "purchase" the card pack, post the coupon instead!

CD Voucher
1 coupon = 1 CD
The CD Voucher is used to redeem a CD from our Music Shop! It's usually given when a CD is requested at the same time a Stamp Card is being turned in but there is no CD in the shop at the time that the player would like. This coupon allows the player to exchange it for their requested CD once it's made! Go to the Pick Up Counter and fill out the provided form in a new post! It's self-serve so you don't need to wait for a staff member and can log the redeemed CD(s) as soon as you post the form. The thread tells you how to log the redeemed CDs, too!

Custom Master Badge Coupon
1 coupon = 1 badge
The Custom Master Badge Coupon is used to apply for a custom master badge withou needing to use stars! Like purchasable custom master badges, you do NOT need to re-master a deck in order to get a custom badge. Include the coupon when you want to use it in the Custom Master Badges thread. Proof of obtaining the coupon is required, either in the form of a link to where you received it or the entry in your log!

Idol Agency Artist Slot
1 coupon = 1 slot
The Idol Agency Artist Slot is used to apply for an additional act in our Idol Agency activity! Players are only allowed 2 acts to begin with so this coupon is needed to increase that limit permanently. Purchase it from the Star Shop first then post it when you apply for a new act in your Idol Agency thread. Proof of obtaining the coupon is required, either in the form of a link to where you received it or the entry in your log!

Profile Badge Coupon
1 coupon = 1 badge
The Profile Badge Coupon is used to apply for profile badge that'll be displayed on your profile on the site! However for the time being, every time you apply for a new badge, it'll replace your old one. Purchase it from the Star Shop first then post it when you apply for it on the forums. Proof of obtaining the coupon is required, either in the form of a link to where you received it or the entry in your log!

Special Deck Donation
1 coupon = 1 donation
The Special Deck Donation allows the player to claim and donate a special deck! If the deck that was claimed with this coupon is NOT donated on time, the coupon is returned so it can be used again. It's only when the deck has been donated that the coupon is used! Post the coupon both when you claim the deck and when you donate it in your thread! Proof of obtaining the coupon is required, either in the form of a link to where you received it or the entry in your log.


Introduced in our Christmas 2019 event, we also have Event Coupons which are as the name might suggest: coupons you receive only during events! Some are only active during a given event and some you can use even after it so please refer to the chart below for more information on any coupon(s) you may have.


Double Pulls
1 coupon = 1 use
The Double Pulls is used to double the amount of total pulls you're allowed to take from any update. It also increases the number of puls you're allowed to take by +1 (so if the update says 2 per deck only, using this coupon makes it 3 per deck)! This coupon is only obtainable through certain circumstances but has no expiry date until you use it. When you comment to take your pulls, make a note that you're using the coupon + where/when you got it from (both for your records and as "proof")!

Shop Discount
1 coupon = Valid until Dec. 25th
The Shop Discount is used to purchase custom graphics and premium items from our Star Shop at 50% off! If the price halved is not a whole number, it's rounded up (ie. if buying a Jar of Stars with yellow stars, the original price when divided by two is 2.5 so the price would instead be 3 yellow stars). This coupon was only obtainable during our Christmas 2019 event! Fill out the order form like normal in your individual thread in the Star Shop sub-forums and post the coupon along with proof of obtaining it in order to activate the discount!

If you've already purchased a Jar of Stars this month at regular price, you may apply for a refund here.