a guide to starlight tcg

All of the basics needed to know about Starlight TCG can be found in the various sections below! Further information and details about certain parts of the TCG can also be found on the forums in their respective information-related threads. Still can't find the information you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on the forums!



Like most other TCGs, we also accept donations here from any of our players!

However, all decks must feature, be related to, or are from/of an artist that is/was active in the Korean music industry (even if they aren't anymore). If an artist is no longer active in the Korean music industry (as in they have not released anything for the Korean market/with the intention of promoting in Korea) but are active elsewhere/in other countries, those releases and works would not be accepted in the TCG at this moment!

For more general guidelines as well as information on how to claim and donate decks, please see the Donations Information thread on the forums.


This category is solely for decks of groups, sub-units, current and former members of groups/sub-units, and soloists.


  • Donations must have at least 35~40 images minimum but more is always welcome and encouraged! Please do not give us a donation of 75+ images, though.

  • Images should only include high quality and unedited fantakens (photos taken by fansites/fans), news photos, or selfies/selcas that span throughout the artist's career/eras so far.

    • "Unedited" meaning photos that have not had any edits made to it after it's been released by the fansite (as they likely already edited their photos before releasing them, which is not considered an "edit" here) or original source. Basically no Tumblr/Tumblr-like edits, please!

    • If donating an artist who already has an era special deck (or multiple) released, upcoming, or claimed, please try to make sure you're not including any of the same images used!

    • If including selfie/selcas in the donation, please ensure that they are not too close up on the face or the cropping will most likely look weird (if it's used at all)! Choose selfie/selcas that have minimal filters on them as well, if possible (ie. nothing too yellow-toned that could throw off the overall look of the rest of the deck).

  • Photoshoot images from larger shoots are not allowed! Because our Photoshoot decks can be anywhere from 10-20 cards, any images from a photoshoot that has 11+ images cannot be used in an artist deck. Everything else can be included, though!

  • Newly debuted and rookie artists cannot be donated until 6 months after their group’s debut date. This is to ensure there will be enough images for their deck and hopefully allow for variety as well!


This category is solely for decks of a music video released for Korea, promo videos released for Japan, and different versions of either video type (ie. a song and music video were made and released in both Korean and Chinese) as long as the versions are visually different enough from each other.


  • Donations must have at least 100~300* screencaps! Any players who submit donations with less than 100 images or more than 300 will be asked to add or delete enough screencaps until the requirements are met before the donation will be rewarded.

  • Screencaps should be taken from a video in the highest quality possible. 1080p and up is usually what we'd prefer but 720p is acceptable, as is anything less only if the video/song itself is older or you can't find a better source.

  • Try to use videos that don't have song information/credits or large logos in the corner like so! If you can only find a version of the video with one or both of these then at least make sure it's something that could be cropped, blurred, or photoshopped out. Otherwise, we do not take responsibility for any decks that have that kind of text still in the image!

  • Make sure that the video/screencaps are in the right aspect ratio and are not squished, and any shots that are unintentionally blurry or out-of-focus are not included in the final donation.

  • Screencaps must be kept in sequential order/the order they're shown in the music video!

  • Please include screencaps of the entire video. We want screencaps of objects, scenery, close ups, dance shots, drama parts-- everything, as long as the original video has it!

  • Newly released music videos cannot be donated until 1 day after its release. If a MV is released on October 1st, no one can claim it until October 2nd (so prepare to post the claim at 11:59 PM on the 1st)! Go by the upload date of the video itself on Youtube.

* Exceptions may be made for MVs that are longer than average and other similar situations, in which case we may allow more than 300 screencaps. If you think you may need an exception, you must contact an admin first either by private message OR by mentioning it in your post when claiming decks, along with a link to the MV in question!


This category is solely for decks of a photoshoot such as debut/comeback teasers, album scans, editorials/magazine shoots, endorsements, and the likes.


  • Donations must have at least 11 images (for a 10-card deck), 16 images (for a 15-card deck), 21 images (for a 20-card deck), or 26 images (for a 25-card deck) but more is always welcome and encouraged!

  • If there are not enough images to meet the bare minimum (which would be 11 images for a 10-card deck), you can include behind the scenes-type photos of the "making of" for the photoshoot in question. Screencaps of behind the scenes/"making of" videos CANNOT be included in a photoshoot donation!

  • Images should be of the highest quality possible but also unedited, as well as preferably not washed out or faded, not grainy (especially when dealing with scans), and not heavily watermarked or stamped with a large logo in a hard to hide place or that can't be blurred/edited out.

  • If donating a Seasons Greeting shoot, make sure to indicate the year and if your donation is only one part of the set if you aren't donating all of it (Seasons Greeting sets usually have a calendar, a photobook, maybe a diary/planner, etc. which may use different photos). Depending on the Seasons Greeting, how the images are split up and how many decks there could be will vary.

  • If donating an editorial/magazine/endorsement shoot, make sure to indicate the month/season/year/issue number and/or any other relevant information (ie. "CeCi Magazine, January 2016" or "AKIII CLASSIC, Summer 2015").

  • If donating debut/comeback teasers/album scans, make sure to indicate whether you are donating just the teasers or just the album scans as they will usually be separate decks and each would count as one deck (provided there's enough unique images to prevent overlaps).

  • Depending on the photoshoot and at the deck maker's discretion (non-admin deck makers must run the splitting of a photoshoot by an admin first), it may be broken up into multiple decks in which case the original donator would be able to take their bonus choice card (for donating it) from every deck made from the same photoshoot! The donator will still receive only one donation reward, however.


This category is solely for decks that wouldn't fall under the other categories such as performances, videos that aren't music/promo videos, member eras, theme decks, and anything else that is admin-approved!


  • Special decks can only be claimed and donated with the use of a Special Deck Donation Coupon!

  • Donations must have at least 30 images (although 21 is the absolute bare minimum needed) as special decks will only be 20 or 25-card decks, depending on what deck is of. Specifics on how many images will likely be needed or capped can be asked and will be decided on a case-by-case basis!

  • Possible themes/focuses for special decks could be era decks, decks of special performances (on music shows for example), commercials/CFs, concert VCRs, behind the scenes/making of videos, more specific themes that wouldn't be used in a Special Stage round, etc. (If wanting to donate an era deck though, please see it's own guidelines here!)

  • If you're unsure if what you want to donate as a special deck would be acceptable or not, just run it by one of the admins first! We may reject themes that could potentially be used for a future Special Stage round but for anything else, we'll deem whether it's acceptable or possible to donate.