a guide to starlight tcg

All of the basics needed to know about Starlight TCG can be found in the various sections below! Further information and details about certain parts of the TCG can also be found on the forums in their respective information-related threads. Still can't find the information you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on the forums!



Have you ever wanted to create your own dream group of your favourite idols? Do you think certain idols together would be unstoppable? Idol Agency is for you then! Through this activity, players can start their own entertainment company to create and debut artists/acts by completing various tasks throughout the TCG!

All players start off with 2 artist slots for FREE which you use to house your acts but remember: only 1 act per slot! Additional slots, up until a maximum of 5, can be purchased through the Star Shop but players may not work on a new act until their previous act has been completely unlocked and debuted OR they disband the previous act first then apply for a new one.

To debut an act, they must all be "revealed to the public" via "teasers", which can be accomplished through completing specific tasks in the TCG. For every member of the act that has their teaser revealed, a reward will be given with a possibility of a bonus reward on top of that for completing additional tasks, if any! A final reward will also be given once all the members in the act have had their teasers revealed as the act will have officially debuted at that point.

If after reading all the information below you would like to start your own Idol Agency, please see the Information Thread on the forums to see the general rules/guidelines, find the forms you need to fill out, and more!


To create an act, players can choose anywhere from 1 - 6 members and assign each 1-2 positions from the following choices: Vocalist, Dancer, or Rapper. While there must be at least 1 of each position in an act, there's no limit to how many of each position can be present! The ohly exception is if the act is a soloist in which case we will allow all three main positions to be assigned to them.

There are also "additional roles" that can be assigned to members but each member may only have a maximum of 1 additional role, and there can only be 1 of each role in the act. They are: Leader, Visual, and Center!

Visuals are mostly known or often acknowledged for their appearance and centers are usually in the center of dance formations and are like the "face of the group". While a member can be both the visual and the center in real life, we are not allowing a single member to have both additional roles to easily separate the two!


Each main position and additional role have their own set of specific tasks which ALL must be completed each time for every member in your act that has that position or role! Only masteries, stamp cards, and donations turned in AFTER the initial date the act was applied for on can be used to complete any tasks for members in that act.

For the main positions (vocalists, dancers, rappers), masteries from any artist even if they're not in your act can be used, and all five donations do NOT have to all be made in the same month!

Vocalist (Vo.)• Master 2 Artist decks who are main/lead vocalists
• Master 2 Video decks
• Complete 2 stamp cards OR donate 5 decks
Dancer (Da.)• Master 2 Artist decks who are main/lead dancers
• Master 2 Video decks
• Complete 2 stamp cards OR donate 5 decks
Rapper (Ra.)• Master 2 Artist decks who are main/lead rappers
• Master 2 Video decks
• Complete 2 stamp cards OR donate 5 decks
Leader (Ld.)• Master their Artist deck
Visual (V.)• Master a Photoshoot deck they were featured in
Center (C.)• Master a Video deck they were featured in


For each act, individual "teasers" (also known as Teaser Cards) will be made for each member which are just graphics similar in appearance to the cards from our regular decks (see examples below)! When a player completes all the tasks associated with the specific member, their "teaser" will be revealed (aka their card will be unlocked).

In addition, players will also receive a reward every time they unlock a Teaser Card for a member in their act! Each reward is per position so if a member in your act has 2 positions then the Main Position Reward would be doubled. If they also had an an additional role then you would also receive the Additional Role Reward.

Main Position6 random cards, 5 Star Fragments + their Teaser Card
Additional Role4 random cards, 5 Star Fragments

Once the entire act has debuted, all the members' Teaser Cards will be added to the general randomizer specifically for Teaser Cards, which players can then earn from games, services, etc. as well as exchange coupons for choice Teaser Cards. This is the only way to obtain the Teasers Cards of another act! But if a player collects all the Teaser Cards of an act then they may turn it in for rewards like a regular deck mastery. The form can be found on the forums!

Trading Teaser Cards is allowed but they are worth 0 towards your card count and will not count towards Stamp Cards! They can also only be traded for other Teaser Cards but you DO NOT have to match the same Teaser Card number with whoever you're trading with. In addition, please remember to accurately log what Teaser Cards you're trading and receiving despite them not having any worth as we WILL check before rewarding you!


Rewards will vary depending on the amount of members in the act being mastered (similar to how our Photoshoot and Special decks have different rewards depending on how many cards are in the deck) but regardless, you will get the same reward for fully debuting your group that someone else would get for mastering your group's Teaser Cards.

1 Member3 random cards, 5 Star Fragments
2 Members5 random cards, 5 Star Fragments
3 Members5 random cards, 10 Star Fragments, 1 Yellow Star
4 Members7 random cards, 10 Star Fragments, 1 Yellow Star
5 Members7 random cards, 15 Star Fragments, 2 Yellow Stars
6 Members10 random cards, 15 Star Fragments, 2 Yellow Stars

All debuts/masteries also come with a master badge (or a "group/final teaser") comprised of an image of each member like the example below!