a guide to starlight tcg

All of the basics needed to know about Starlight TCG can be found in the various sections below! Further information and details about certain parts of the TCG can also be found on the forums in their respective information-related threads. Still can't find the information you're looking for? Feel free to contact us on the forums!



To encourage trading, we reward players with random cards, Star Fragments, and a bonus gift every time they complete a Stamp Card and turn it in for approval!

Stamp Cards look like the examples below and can be edited to add any kind of stamp as you trade cards away but they are optional and not required to be used if you prefer not to.

To complete a Stamp Card, you must trade out and/or gift 25 cards to other players! Any combination of trading and gifting is allowed, and Member Cards do count— although you can only trade your MC with another player once.

However, you can only count cards you trade and/or give away so if you receive a gift of 3 cards from Player A then Player A is allowed to add 3 stamps to their Stamp Card but you do not get to add any.

Once you complete a Stamp Card, you can then turn it for approval to receive a reward. Not only do we give out a reward for every Stamp Card completed but we also give out rewards for every certain amount of Stamp Cards completed overall!

Every 1 Stamp Card4 random cards, 5 Star Fragments, 1 CD
Every 5 Stamp Cards+1 random card, +5 Star Fragments
Every 10 Stamp Cards+1 choice card

Rewards do stack so when you turn in your 5th Stamp Card overall, you will get 1 extra random card + 5 extra Star Fragments in addition to the regular reward of 4 random cards, 5 Star Fragments, and 1 CD for a total of 5 random cards, 10 Star Fragments + 1 CD. On your 10th Stamp Card you also get 1 choice card so your total reward for that Stamp Card would then be 1 choice card, 5 random cards, 10 Star Fragments + 1 CD!

This repeats for every nth Stamp Card as stated in the table so you'll also get 5 random cards, 10 Star Fragments + 1 CD on your 15th/25th/35th/etc. Stamp Cards and 1 choice card, 5 random cards, 10 Star Fragments + 1 CD on your 20th/30th/40th/etc. Stamp Cards.

For more information as well as the forms needed, please see the Information thread on the forums!


The bonus gift you receive for every Stamp Card turned in is a CD which is just a graphic that can be displayed on your post for collection and decoration purposes. They can be of any release as long as it has some sort of cover so even digital releases are allowed!

CDs look like the examples below but you can view all of our currently in stock CDs at the Music Shop!

If you don't see anything there that interests you at the time of turning in a Stamp Card, you can instead request certain ones to be made at the Pre-Order Counter in advance or through your own thread (and a staff member will drop it off for us to make). In the CD's place in your reward, you will get a voucher that can be redeemed for 1 free CD instead so once your request is added to the shop, you can exchange the coupon for it!

Collecting CDs is optional so if you'd prefer not to and want to opt out then just make a note of that when you're turning in a Stamp Card for rewards.


While Stamps Cards are not required to be used in order to claim rewards for completing one, we do require players to keep track of what trades are being used in each Stamp Card through your logs. As long as your logs clearly show a cut off for every 25 trades and an indication on what Stamp Card # it is then you should be good!

If you're not sure what we're looking for though, feel free to use the example below as a guide or to imitate it is considered acceptable by admin standards (in fact, it's pretty close to what one of the admins uses for their own logs). Counting how many cards in each trade is not necessary but most will probably find it helpful when counting!

NOVEMBER 4TH, 2017 -------------
- Traded with Starlight: card20 for card18 [002]


NOVEMBER 2ND, 2017 -------------
- Traded with Cassidy: card01, card02 for card03, card04 [025 + 001]
[redacted for space]
- Traded with Member: card05, card10, mc-You for card08, card 12, mc-Member [001-003]


Because I've found that it gets too tedious and time consuming to upload and add new Stamp Cards to the site every time someone donates a set they've made, we display the available Stamp Cards to use a bit differently here!

Over on our forums, we have a dedicated sub-forum for players to post any Stamp Cards they make and want to donate to the TCG. In that sub-forum, there are specific threads for each artist where Stamp Cards featuring that particular artist only can be posted as long as they follow the correct submission format (which can be found here along with other relevant information)!

The Stamp Cards posted in any of the threads in that sub-forum are free for any player to use, and anyone is free to post in them with new Stamp Cards!