Spotlight Star


HOW TO PLAY » At the beginning of every month, we'll crown one (1) member as the TCG's Spotlight Star based on general activity and presence in and around the TCG! There's no hard guidelines or requirements that must be met in order to be a candidate for the spotlight so as long as you consistently participate in the TCG, you have a chance!!

Those who do become the Spotlight Star, will receive a pretty decent gift from us to celebrate as well as the following benefits for the entire month:

  • Four (4) additional pulls to use in each update! These pulls are extras so they are not counted towards the normal amount of pulls you're allowed to take. If the update says you can only take 2 cards per deck and you've maxed out that limit, this benefit will allow the Spotlight Star to take 2 more pulls from that deck if you'd like (and the other 2 additional pulls can be used on another deck you've also maxed out pulls for normally, or whatever you want)!

  • Two (2) decks of their choice will be released (and made, if needed) during the month! Up to 4 decks can be requested and 2 will be chosen from them so feel free to let us know the order of preference for the requests, if you have any! The decks you can choose from are limited to those already on the upcoming list or are marked as "donated" on the Donation Claims List, however.

  • Donation limits will be doubled! This does not apply to any Shooting Stars that increase your existing donation slots; those are additional donations on top of your regular claims (which are now doubled).

  • Star Shop limits will be doubled! While players are normally allowed to only purchase up to 10 choice cards and card packs worth a total of 20 cards per week, this benefit doubles those limits so the Spotlight Star can purchase up to 20 choice cards and card packs worth a total of 40 cards per week (all normal limits/restrictions apply).

  • A one-time prize pack of: 3 choice cards, 15 random cards, 1 set of all 5 types of stars, 25 star fragments + a personal event card!


Congratulations to Jules, our current Spotlight Star for the month!

Please pick up your prize pack HERE!