Spotlight Star


Congrats on being this month's Spotlight Star! In addition to all the benefits listed on the previous page, you also get a gift from us to celebrate AND your very own event card that's made with an image and colour of your choice. Only YOU get to take the event card once made— no one else is allowed to have it! Please apply for yours on the forums before the month is over or you forfeit your event card for being the spotlight member.

The gift does include 3 choice cards that must be taken before the month is over so remember to log it on time! If taking the choice cards at a later date than when you take the rest of the gift, please note that it was part of your gift!

To use the aforementioned benefits, please post this badge on your trade post for the month as well AND post it when you want to use it on the forums (where applicable)! This is so staff know that you're allowed to double your limits, etc.


Take everything you see below and don't forget to log it!!

Spotlight Star: ongseongwu-layersteasers20, fromis9-jisun22, girlsgeneration-intothenewworld11, lovelyz-lostnfound20, blackpink-asifitsyourlast04, txt-napofastar16, ohmygirl-seunghee13, bts-bloodsweatandtears13, aoacream-imjellybaby21, gwsn-lena12, everglow-bonbonchocolat15, bts-rmpersona12, got7-yugyeommelrosestreetla02, troublemaker-troublemaker19, iu08, pinkstar, purplestar, bluestar, orangestar, yellowstar, orangefragment, bluefragment, orangefragment, purplefragment, purplefragment, bluefragment, orangefragment, pinkfragment, bluefragment, pinkfragment, bluefragment, pinkfragment, purplefragment, purplefragment, bluefragment, orangefragment, purplefragment, purplefragment, pinkfragment, orangefragment