Staff Pay


To thank you for helping out in the TCG, staff may pick up a pay every week (unless stated otherwise) for all the work they do! Simply click on your name and take everything that shows up in your section. For a breakdown on how the pay was decided, please see the Staff Pay Overview tab on the spreadsheet (but note that pay is eligible to be altered at any time based on general activity)!

If you are a Site Game Maker, a Deck Maker, or Forum Games Staff then you will not have your own section so please click on the link with the same name as your job to pick up your pay instead. Staff who have one of the specific jobs listed previously as well as a Forum Services or Activities job will have separate pays so please remember to pick up both when you're supposed to!

If you miss a week of pay either due to forgetting or whatever reason, you may refresh the page as many times as you need to catch up on. HOWEVER! If you were or are on hiatus at any point and do not do any work/respond to anything during a week, you CANNOT pick up pay for that same week.

Please only take your pay if you actually responded to something and remember that no refreshing is allowed if you don't like the cards you get!!


Amber amy argh
Dhee Haylee megan
Selena Shinya Violet
Cassidy yasu
Site Game Makers Deck Makers Forum Games


Staff Positions: Admin

Staff Pay: pentagon-runaway22, theboyz-righthere18, laboum-yujeong05, sunmi-gashina22, wekimeki-weekendlolteasers08, ace-undercoverteasersi06, seventeen-fallinflowerpv24, clc-elkie25, redvelvet-irene01, everglow-dundun12, girlsgeneration-tiffany01, specialstage-favoritegirls09, astro-oneandonlyteasers11, seventeen-anodeteasersi25, 4minute-volumeup07, seohyun-dontsaynoteasers07, seventeen-dk15, got7-presentyouandmeteasers11, shinee-everybody25, pentagon-wooseok02, seventeen-changeup24, mxm-diamondgirl19, gugudan-mina10, everglow-mia07, hyuna-flowershower03, everglow-aisha01, taemin-famouspv17, theboyz-ceci180215, itzy-itzicyteasers22, spica-youdontloveme17