Artist Ranking


HOW TO PLAY » Artist Ranking is an ongoing activity where players get to nominate artists and vote for who they like the most (or were convinced to vote for if they have no preference), and occurs over the course of 3 months. While this is all just for fun, the top 3 winners of each cycle and those who voted for one of the top 3 do receive benefits during the month that their chosen artist is featured!

The top 3 artists in each cycle's ranking will receive the following benefits (during their respective reward month):

  • Displayed on the sidebar with a link to their artist set page
  • Images of them will be used in Showcase
  • Each week of their reward month will include 1 of their decks in the release (for a total of 4 decks released during their reward month)
  • Any decks of the winning artists that are mastered during their reward month will grant extra rewards (to be claimed on the forums)

Players who voted for one of the top 3 artists will receive the following:

  • A reward for helping their vote make it to the top (to also be claimed on the forums)
  • The ability to claim one (1) choice card from the artist they voted for each week during that artist's reward month (weeks reset on update days)

See previous winners?


Like mentioned before, this activity happens every 3 months!

  1. (Month 1): There will first be a Nomination Period that lasts 1 month and this is when players can submit artists they want to be candidates for the Artist Ranking that cycle.

  2. (Month 2): Nominations close and the final list of candidates will be posted. Players are then allowed to vote for one (1) artist from the list of candidates but this Voting Period only lasts 3 weeks!

  3. The last week is reserved for us admins to ensure we have enough decks of the winning artists to release and get everything ready for the ranking announcement.

  4. (Month 3): We will announce the final results of that cycle's Artist Ranking along with our monthly update! Rewards and benefits will take effect at that point for the 1st place winner.

  5. (Months 4 & 5): The 2nd place winner will then be featured and the benefits for them will take effect (Month 4), and so on for the 3rd place winner (Month 5)!

We then start a new cycle and open nominations again (during Month 4), then voting (Month 5), then results (Month 6), and repeat for the following months so by the time we finish featuring the top 3 artists from the previous cycle, we'll have a new top 3 to feature immediately after! Of course, we will post frequent reminders and let everyone know when and what is happening as we go so if something doesn't make sense now, hopefully it will over time!


Currently, we are accepting votes for a tie breaker in Cycle 4's Artist Ranking!

Please fill out the form below with your vote! All eligible artists that can be voted for are in the dropdown on the form.