1. Read the rules below and make sure to follow them!

  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit it. You will then be redirected to a page where you can pick up your Starter Pack!

  3. Upload this Starter Pack to your trade post and update your log with it.

  4. Create an account on our forums if you haven't already. Registration is self-approved so look out for an e-mail to activate your account!

  5. With your new account, visit the Starter Pack Bonus thread, fill out the form you see there, and post it as a new reply in the same thread. This is where you'll get your member card, "Citizen" rank badge, and a bonus pack that will give you a little boost as a newly joined member!

  6. Wait for one of the admins to reply with your Starter Pack Bonus and again, upload it to your trade post and update your log with it.

  7. Send a forum PM to Cassidy AND yasu (regardless of who replied to you initially) to let us know once it's up! If everything looks good, one of us will approve you on the Members List so you can begin playing.

PLEASE NOTE: Until you are approved on the Members List and moved out of the "Pending" section, you will NOT be able to participate in the TCG in any way which includes trading, taking from updates, playing from games, etc and parts of your Member Panel will be hidden so don't forget to follow the steps above and get yourself approved!


  • Make sure you have a valid e-mail address to receive your Starter Pack and any other e-mails we send such as copies of your mastery and level up rewards, among other things!

  • Make sure you also have a working website/trade post so we know you have a reliable place to host your cards. This website does not have to have your trade post all set up if it isn't yet!

  • Upload your Starter Pack within two (2) weeks of receiving it! If you need more time then let us know, otherwise you will be removed from the "Pending" section and will need to sign up again.

    • There is no deadline to upload your Starter Pack Bonus by but you will not be approved on the Members List and moved to the "Active" section until you PM both of the admins saying so, and thus will not be able to participate in the TCG at all.

  • Use a realistic name or nickname when signing up! If yours is already taken on the Members List, please use a variation of it or use something else entirely. No spaces or symbols, please! Numbers are fine, if necessary.

  • Keep your trade post updated at least once per month. If we do an activity check and your trade post and/or logs shows no signs of activity for 2+ months since you last updated, your status will be changed to "inactive" and you must re-activate your account to continue participating in the TCG like normal.

  • You may only take freebies from deck releases and updates that are posted on the same day that you initially join the TCG on, and any time after that. Please see the information page for more details on other restrictions for update freebies!

  • Do not direct link any cards (unless you are hosted with me on, in which case it should be fine)! Please upload to your own website/host or find a free image host to use, preferably one that keeps filenames intact and doesn't change it to something else (ie. random letters and numbers).

  • Cheating is not tolerated here! If we find out that someone has then we will issue a warning and ask them to refrain from doing so. Failure to abide by this after receiving a warning will result in an immediate removal from the TCG and all progress will be lost if they decide to rejoin later! (Please don't make us do this...)


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